Understanding Leave

When can I take personal leave? Personal business that is not purely for personal convenience or simply recreational or to intentionally extend a holiday.  (CBA p. 79)

How much advance notice?  At least five days whenever possible.  This allows you to get the approval before you take the leave.  Illness and emergency personal necessity do not require advanced notice. (p. 79 for personal and p. 78 for personal necessity)  However extended disability capable of advanced planning (such as pregnancy and anticipated surgery) require advanced notice.

Do I have to give a reason?  Unless it is your illness, YES.  Put the reason in notes to administrator on the AESOP sub system.  For personal leave, you may mark PRIVATE and not give a reason.  This protects your privacy and prohibits administrator from asking for details, but the leave must still satisfy the personal leave parameters above.

When is the leave illness vs personal necessity?  Illness is your illness or medical appointments.  Illness of family members is personal necessity.  (CBA p. 78-80)

Is jury duty deducted from my sick leave?  No.  This is our civic obligation as well as the district's to allow us to serve.

Is bereavement deducted from my sick leave?  No, in the event of the death of an immediate family member. (CBA p. 80)