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39.1     Preamble


39.1.1     Government Code 3543.2(a) states that “the exclusive representative of certificated personnel has the right to consult on the definition of educational objectives, the determination of the content of courses and curriculum and the selection of textbooks to the extent such matters are within the discretion of the public school employer under the law.”


39.1.2     The District respects and appreciates the advice and counsel of its teachers in preparing recommendations related to the selection of textbooks, the content of courses and curriculum, and in the definition of educational objectives.


39.1.3     To facilitate the consultation process in such matters, the District and YCTA agree to establish the following processes and procedures.


39.2     Joint Meet and Consult Committee


Meet and Consult is a joint YCTA and District committee, where the advice and counsel of teachers can be heard with regards to Curriculum and Instruction decisions for the District.


39.2.1     The specific committee shall be comprised of teachers who represent certain populations of students:  K-5, 6-8, and 9-12.  There may be meetings of just the K-5, 6-8, or 9-12 subcommittees.


39.2.2     If appropriate, larger groups may be formed, such as K-8 (by combining the K-5 and 6-8 committees) or 6-12 (by combining the 6-8 and 9-12 committees).  There may be times when it is appropriate for the entire committee to meet.  Subcommittees shall be organized to address curriculum and instruction issues specific to different grade level groupings.  The discussion in these specific groups will allow for the advice and counsel of teachers with direct experience at the impacted grade levels and will allow more sites to actively participate in the consultation dialog.


39.3     Sub-Committees


YCTA shall designate members to serve on the following subcommittees of Meet and Consult:


39.3.1     Six (6) members of the K-5 subcommittee with each member representing two (2) schools.  One (1) of the two (2) schools they represent must be their current assignment.


39.3.2     Seven (7) members of the 6-8 subcommittee with one (1) representative for each school with grades 6-8.


39.3.3     Seven (7) members of the 9-12 subcommittee with one (1) representative for Albert Powell and three (3) from each of the comprehensive high schools with one (1) representative each for Math, English, and one (1) other.  APHS (1), YCHS (1 Math, 1 ELA, 1 other), and RVHS (1 Math, 1 ELA, and 1 other).


39.3.4     YCTA shall inform the District of its representatives to the subcommittees no later than August 30 of each school year.


39.3.5     The Superintendent shall designate the Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services and up to three (3) staff members as members for each subcommittee.


39.4     Meeting Dates


The Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services shall annually establish meeting dates for the subcommittees.


39.4.1     The three (3) subcommittees shall alternate monthly meetings.  By way of example, the K-5 committee may meet in the first month, the 6-8 committee in the second month and the 9-12 in the third month.  Subcommittees may also be combined to consider issues that impact grade levels within both subcommittees.


39.4.2     Meeting dates shall be established at least once a month for all months excluding any month in which there are less than five (5) student attendance days.


39.4.3     A list of meeting dates shall be sent to the YCTA President no later than July 30 of the current year.


39.4.4     Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


39.5     Miscellaneous Provisions


39.5.1     If YCTA fails to identify members of the Meet and Consult subcommittee by August 30, the District may proceed with the business of the committee.  In such case, the Assistant Superintendent shall forward notice of meetings to the YCTA President.


39.5.2     The Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services shall prepare agendas for the meetings.  Committee members are encouraged to forward items for the agenda to the Assistant Superintendent ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.  The agenda for each meeting shall be sent to all members of the committee five (5) days in advance of the meeting.  Items may be added to the agenda at the meeting, but all parties understand that items placed on the agenda at the meeting and requiring a recommendation may be deferred to a subsequent meeting due to a lack of information or time for a full discussion.