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Note:   The parties have jointly determined, based on State decisions regarding education funding, that there shall be no staff development days in 2009/2010 and 2010/2011.  As a result, the salary schedule and work year have been adjusted as specified in Article 39 (the work year for unit members decreased by two (2) workdays for staff development and the salary schedule decreased by 1.1%).  The issue of staff development days will, however, continue to be a matter of annual negotiations commencing with the 2011/2012 year.


38.1     Annual Negotiations


38.1.1     Based on the desire and intent of the District and the Association that there is to be a continuing staff development program in the District, the parties agree that the staff development programs will be a subject of negotiations during each school year of this Agreement.


a.      However, unless the parties agree otherwise before June 30 of each year for the coming school year, through the collective bargaining process, the program shall be effective only for the current school year.


b.      Specifically, unless the parties agree otherwise before each June 30 through the collective bargaining process, the provisions of the Side Letter implementing the program will become null and void on that June 30, and the work year length will revert to the status quo prior to the agreement on the 1999-2000 staff development pilot program, and the salary schedule will be adjusted to reflect the 1998-99 salary schedule plus any subsequently negotiated percentage increase(s).


38.1.2     Any agreement reached shall be embodied in a Side Letter which is effective only for the designated year.