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24.1     Working Conditions - General


Unit members are urged to report to the site administrator any condition deemed to be unsafe to students or staff.  This report will be in writing and will be sent to the site administrator who shall take appropriate action.  Safety standards shall be determined through CAL OSHA.


24.2     Personal Property Protection


The District shall reimburse a unit member for actual out-of-pocket costs incurred as a result of a battery that occurs during the scope and course of the unit member’s employment that is not otherwise covered by the insurance coverage of the unit member or the District.  This shall also apply to an out-of-pocket cost that is the result of another criminal act which occurs during the scope and course of that employment and is directly related to that employment.


24.3     Assault or Battery on Teachers or Threats Against Teachers


If a unit member is the victim of an assault, a battery or is physically threatened by any District pupil, or by the parent or guardian of any District pupil,  the unit member (or their representative) shall file a written report of the incident with any person under whose direction or supervision such unit member is employed. The District shall promptly file the written report with the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county or city in which the assault or battery or threat occurred.


24.4     Teacher Suspension of Pupil


The District shall provide each teacher once yearly with a copy of applicable Law and Governing Board Policy concerning teacher rights in the suspension of a pupil.


24.5     Notice Regarding Student Offenses


24.5.1     The District shall inform the teacher of every student in his/her class who has engaged in, or is reasonably suspected of, any act during the previous three (3) years which could constitute grounds for suspension or expulsion under Education Code 48900, with the exception of the possession or use of tobacco products.  This information shall be based upon written District records or records received from a law enforcement agency.  This information shall be kept confidential.


24.5.2     The suspension/expulsion window in the student data system utilized by the District (currently ABI/Aeries “assertive discipline window”) shall be open to a unit member for students enrolled in his/her classes or (if possible) on his/her caseload.


24.6     Community Service Workers


The District will request that community service work done by the probation department not be done when students are on campus.  No community service work will be provided by any person who is incarcerated based upon a conviction or guilty/nolo contendre plea to any sex or controlled substance violation that is set forth in Education Code Section 44010 or 44011.