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22.1     The District retains the right to discipline unit members for just cause provided that in the exercise of this right, it will not act wrongfully, unjustly, or in violation of the terms of this Agreement.  Any discipline less than dismissal that is imposed on a unit member will be based on application of the principles of progressive discipline.


22.2     In imposing discipline on a current issue, the District will not take into account any prior infraction which occurred more than four (4) years previously.


22.3     Except as disciplinary actions may be introduced in support of actions taken under Education Code Section 44932, this Article shall not be construed as modifying those provisions on dismissal for cause.


22.4     Nothing in this Article nor Article 20 shall in any way diminish the rights of permanent employees under the California Education Code, including but not limited to those rights delineated in Sections 44932 through 44947.