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2.1       Definitions


2.1.1       An “assignment” is the placement of a unit member for a school year without a change in school site or District-wide program.  For the limited purpose of Article 2.2.1, a 1.0 FTE employee who teaches special education (and who is assigned one hundred percent (100%) to a single site) will be considered by that site administrator (upon the teacher’s written request) when making assignments.  Any such assignment must have prior approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.


2.1.2       A “reassignment” is the placement of a unit member that occurs during the school term without a change in school site or District-wide program.


2.1.3       A 1.0 FTE (or one hundred percent (100%) assignment) will be equivalent at each respective site.


a.      For unit members with split-site assignments, see 2.2.6 below.


b.      A part-time assignment will be pro-rated based upon the equivalent teaching minutes of a comparable assignment (plus pro-rated responsibility for non-instructional, supervisorial duties).


2.2       Assignment


2.2.1       All assignments are made at the discretion of the administration based on instructional and/or program needs.  When making assignments, the administrator will consider, by way of illustration and not limitation, factors such as:


a.      the interests of affected unit members;


b.      changes in rooms (or sites for programs);


c.      changes in grade levels and content areas;


d.      the number of different courses taught per year; and


e.      changes in courses to be taught from the previous year.


2.2.2       A unit member may submit a request for a change in assignment subsequent to the posting of a vacancy notice pursuant to the posting procedure of Article 3.2.


a.      If a unit member’s request for a voluntary change in assignment is denied, the unit member, upon request, shall be granted a meeting with the administrator who denied the request to discuss the reasons for denial.


b.      A request for Association representation at the meeting shall not be denied.


2.2.3       Changes in Non-departmentalized Assignments


a.      Enrollment projections will be used to determine the number of positions at each grade level for the following school year.  The number of positions will be posted to staff within two (2) school days of that determination or no later than five (5) school days prior to the end of the school year.  Any changes in these projections will continue to be posted.


b.      The number of surplus teachers and vacant positions will be identified at each grade level.


2.2.4       Changes in Departmentalized Assignments


a.      Course enrollment projections will be used to determine the number of sections of each course for the following school year.


b.      Teachers will be surveyed as to their preferences for assignments.


c.      Content leaders at the high schools will:


●          work with their department to propose the scheduling of sections; and


●          offer input to the Principal concerning the Master Schedule.  Final Master Schedule assignments shall be made by the Principal.


2.2.5       A full-time teacher may propose to reduce his/her assignment.  If approved by the District, the percent of the assignment shall be calculated in a manner consistent with 2.1.3.


2.2.6       Unit Members with Split-site Assignments


a.      Travel time will be built into the daily schedule of unit members with a split-site assignment and calculated as a seven percent (7%) portion of the assignment.


b.      The assignment percentages shall be calculated based on those set forth in 2.1.3.


c.      If the assignment results in any assignment that is more or less (+/-) three percent (3%) of one hundred percent (100%), the assignment will be treated as full-time.


d.      Mileage will be paid to unit members for travel between sites in any given day using the current IRS allocation per mile.


e.      The unit member and administrators at both sites will work out a mutually agreed upon plan for staff meetings that limits the unit member’s required attendance at staff meetings to no more than two (2) per month or additional time will be compensated at the Uniform Hourly Rate.


f.       The unit member may be required to attend both Open House/Back-to-School nights at each site.  If directed by administration to attend more than two (2) total for the school year, the unit member will be paid at the Uniform Hourly Rate for their attendance at the extra Back-to-School or Open House event(s).  Number of hours paid shall be based on the established hours for the event.


g.      The unit member and the affected administrators shall develop a plan so that non-instructional supervisorial duties are appropriately prorated.  This does not preclude a unit member from satisfying one hundred percent (100%) of said duties at one (1) site.


h.      The primary evaluator for unit members with split-site assignments shall be an administrator at the site where the majority of the work day (or work week) is spent.




2.2.7       All assignments will be prepared by the administration prior to the end of the school year, and will be posted at each site for staff review and placed in the teacher’s mail box.


a.      Any assignment made at this time is tentative and is subject to change as determined by the administration.


b.      A unit member whose tentative assignment will subsequently be changed shall be consulted prior to any such change.


c.      If a change in assignment is made, the District shall provide at least two (2) weeks’ notice to the unit member prior to the commencement date of the new assignment.  Such notice shall be in writing and mailed to the unit member’s last known address.  This two (2) week notice shall be waived in cases where the need to change the assignment arose within two (2) weeks of the first student attendance day.  In such a case, this change will be treated as a reassignment.  Notice shall be given to the unit member(s) subject to reassignment as soon as reasonably possible and the administrator shall consult with each affected unit member.


2.3       Reassignment


2.3.1       Site administrators or District-wide program managers have discretion to reassign their certificated unit members based on instructional and/or programmatic needs.  When reassignments are necessary, the administrators shall consult with the unit members involved.  Unit members subject to reassignment shall be consulted at least three (3) days prior to any change in their assignment and a minimum of two (2) days/maximum of three (3) days (with prior approval for the third day) of substitute time will be provided to be used within the first week of the new assignment.


2.3.2       Any vacancy that occurs after all reassignments have been made that the District intends to fill shall be subject to Article 3 - Transfers.


2.4       Employment of District Teachers to Teach Additional Class Periods


Full-time District teachers may be assigned to teach additional class periods in accordance with the following provisions:


2.4.1       The Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources (or designee) will consult with the President of the Association (or designee) prior to taking action to fill a vacant single class period.


2.4.2       The District shall consider the following factors in identifying single teaching period vacancies:


a.      The instructional needs of students;


b.      Space availability;


c.      Teacher credentials and availability;


d.      Teacher qualifications as determined by the District;


e.      The availability of part-time teachers; and


f.       Class sizes.


2.4.3       Single period vacancies will be advertised in accordance with Article 3.2 of this Agreement between the District and the Association.


2.4.4       First consideration will be given to teachers who, in assuming the additional teaching period responsibility, would not be relinquishing a “preparation period.”


2.4.5       A full-time teacher shall be limited to one (1) additional teaching period assignment during a semester.


2.4.6       Additional teacher period assignments for full-time District teachers will be on a year-to-year basis.


2.4.7       Full-time District teachers will receive an additional percentage of their base salary (step on salary schedule, plus anniversary increment) for teaching an additional period.



Percent of Base Salary

per extra period/block

(added or subtracted)


6 Period Day

20% for the year


4 Period Block Schedule

33.33% for the year

16.67% per block


16.67% for the year


Note:      Sick Leave will be pro-rated for those teachers who assume an additional teaching period prior to or following their normal instructional day, and shall be charged the same proportionate amount for a day of absence.