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Upon request of the employee and at the discretion of the District, certificated employees on the teachers’ salary schedule may be allowed to enter a reduced teacher assignment on a shared-time basis with the following conditions:


18.1     Shared teaching requests must be approved by the school principal and submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources no later than May 1 of the prior school term.


18.2     Requests for shared teaching contracts shall be re-submitted and approved annually.


18.3     Shared time is defined as any combination of days and/or hours, which will enhance the educational opportunities for students and accommodate unit membersneeds.


18.4     An employee requesting to enter into a shared-teaching assignment may submit the name of a teacher willing to share the assignment with him/her.  However, the selections for anyone entering into this agreement will be at the discretion of the District.


18.5     Health and dental benefits will be paid to the unit member working more than a fifty percent (50%) contract.


18.6     Each employee in a shared teaching arrangement will receive that prorated part of a salary as his/her fraction of a full working year relates to a full salary.


18.7     The District’s contribution to retirement and sick leave benefits for the employee would be that prorated part of those benefits as his/her workyear relates to a full working year.


18.8     Each employee in a shared-teaching arrangement assumes the same commitment as a full-time teacher to the following stipulations:


18.8.1     Attendance at staff meetings.


18.8.2     Acceptance of student supervisory duties.


18.8.3     Participation in parent conferences and other school-related activities such as open house.


18.8.4     Attendance at school and District inservice activities.  Tandem teachers or those on a part-time contract who are required to attend a full day inservice, will be compensated for the additional time spent up to a full daily rate consistent with the compensation covered by full-time staff.


18.8.5     Participation in student centered meetings (i.e., child study team, SAFE team, I.E.P.) should be coordinated between the shared-teaching partners so that relevant information is presented and received.


18.9     Those employees on a shared-teaching agreement will be responsible for their prorated share of the hours as stipulated in this contract within Article 6 - Hours.  If one (1) of the teachers in a shared-teaching assignment needs to go on authorized leave, he/she is responsible for arranging that his/her portion of class time will be covered while on leave.


18.10   The intent is that only the teacher working more than a fifty percent (50%) contract will receive the health, dental, and vision benefits even though the other teacher, may, in fact, take the class for several entire days.