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Appendix D






1.         Notice of Projected Changes


a.         For a change in insurance providers initiated by YCTA after June 30, 2006, costs associated with the change shall be paid by payroll deduction by members of the bargaining unit receiving health benefits.


b.         The amount to be deducted from each affected unit member’s monthly check shall be computed by dividing the costs by the number of FTE in the bargaining unit (who are receiving health benefits at that time), divided by twelve (12).  Unless another date is mutually agreed upon, the deduction shall be based upon the number of FTE in October of the year of the change.  Deductions shall occur until the full cost associated with the change has been repaid by unit members.


2.         Eligible Unit Members


a.         Medical, dental, life and vision benefits in the amount stated above will be paid for certificated unit members on the teachers’ and psychologists’ salary schedules receiving fifty percent (50%) or more of the full-time salary for which he/she qualifies on those salary schedules as included in this Agreement.


b.         Regular full-time Children’s Center and Preschool teachers shall receive the medical, dental and vision benefits for those months that they are employed in the respective programs.


3.         Annual Establishment of Base Plan


Annually, the Association shall establish as its base plan for medical one of the plans available through the designated insurance provider.  Employees, at their sole discretion and cost, shall be permitted to “buy up” in accordance with the rules of the insurance provider.


4.         Advance of Dollars


When negotiations are in progress concerning the District’s required contribution for insurance premiums, the District shall promptly provide the Association with notice of a projected rate increase.  Within ten (10) working days, the parties shall schedule a bargaining session to explore options and alternatives.  To minimize the impact on unit members, if no agreement is reached, the District shall allocate a portion of the funded increase to the Base Revenue Limit to help mitigate the rate increase for active employees (i.e. not Retirees) while negotiations are in progress.


a.         The amount to be allocated shall be equal to one-half (½) of the funded increase to the Base Revenue Limit (expressed as a percentage) multiplied times the most current dollar cost of a one percent (1%) raise to the bargaining unit.  The resulting sum will be:


●          first, divided by the number of FTE’s enrolled in medical, dental and vision;


●          second, divided by twelve (12) to arrive at the amount used to supplement the District’s CAP while negotiations are occurring.


This supplement is an advance for the current fiscal year only (i.e. it will not permanently increase the CAP except through negotiations).


b.         If required, the unit member shall contribute the difference between the CAP (with the supplement being paid by the District) and the premium by payroll deduction pending the results of negotiations.


c.         If the final agreement negotiated between the parties does not allocate sufficient dollars to raise the CAP on the District’s contribution for insurance premiums, the unit member shall repay the District for dollars advanced pursuant to A.4.a. above.




Effective October 1, 2006:


●          The CAP on the District’s contribution for insurance premiums shall be Nine Hundred Eighty-Seven Dollars and Twenty-Six Cents ($987.26)



●          Beginning October 1, 2012, should any unit member receive benefits through the California’s Value Trust (CVT), any savings from the CVT Rule of 150% above the value of the benefits cap shall apply to the unit member; any savings below the benefits cap shall accrue to the District.