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posted Sep 13, 2016, 12:29 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Sep 13, 2016, 6:03 PM ]




Improvements to the salary schedule shall go into effect July 1 for each year to which they pertain. 

In addition to the above increases:

1.       Special Education Teachers will have a multiplier of 1.15% in addition to the salary schedule

2.       Speech and Language Pathologists will have a multiplier of 1.15% in addition to the salary schedule

This concludes bargaining for the 15/16 and 16/17 school year.


Restoration of Teaching and Learning


1.       YCTA proposes that 2.2% of the ongoing increase for the 2016-2017 school year be used to restore the four (4) instructional student attendance days so that students can access and capture the core curriculum lost due to the 2015-2016 impasse.  The 2016-17 calendar shall be altered to convert the four (4) days of lost instruction to non-work days. The scheduling of the four (4) days shall be determined jointly by the District and the Association.  This means that teachers will work and students will attend the four (4) converted days during the 2016-2017 school year, thereby restoring the 180 instructional days for students and 185 work days for teachers, including the two (2) professional development days already agreed to by the parties for 2016-17.  The increase of 2.2% shall be ongoing on the salary schedule and the student attendance calendar shall remain 180 instructional days and 183 teacher work days for all years following 2016–2017.

2.       All YCTA bargaining unit members who participated in the strike, or did not cross picket lines shall be returned to work in the position filled prior to the strike, without malice, intimidation, reprisal, discrimination, or recrimination either now, or in the future from the Board, any of its administrators or any other of its authorized agents.

3.       No reference to any individual participating in the strike shall be made by any school district official in any regular or special evaluation of any bargaining unit member.  It is further agreed that no evaluation of YCTA bargaining unit members shall reflect, in any way, the employee's participation in the strike.

4.       No reference to any individual’s participation or non-participation in the strike shall be made by any individual in any personnel file of any YCTA bargaining unit member.

5.       No YCTA bargaining unit member shall be disciplined, subjected to malice, intimidation or in any other way be penalized by any school district official or agent by reason of his/her participation in or support of the strike or strike related activities; nor shall any YCTA bargaining unit member be disciplined, nonrenewed, discharged or in any way subjected to any penalty by the school district for his/her failure to report for work following the termination of the strike, if that YCTA bargaining unit member is prevented from reporting for work by court action related to the strike.

6.       No student shall be disciplined, subjected to malice or intimidation or in any other way penalized by any school district official or agent by reason of his/her participation in or support of the strike or strike related activities.

7.          Any allegation or violation of this agreement shall be set down in writing by the person or persons affected and be presented to an impartial arbitrator appointed by the American Arbitration Association. Said arbitrator shall be empowered to take any appropriate action to satisfy the complaint.

Concept for Collaboration

From the


To the



Collaboration Time

a.       The collaboration teams will be organized as follows: at K-5, by grade level; at 6-8, by content and/or grade level; and at the high school, by department. In addition, as needed, teams may be organized by grade level, subject matter, specific student groups, departments, vertical teams, or horizontal teams, including cross-curricular teams and district-wide content.

b.      Teachers convene in collaboration teams to increase student learning based on classroom teacher selected data. At the first meeting of the year, each team will identify their first objective, as well as their objective for the following meeting. At each subsequent meeting, each team will identify the objective for the following meeting.

c.       Teacher accountability documentation shall take no more than five (5) minutes of meeting time. It shall include a description of the next meeting’s objective. The documentation shall be completed by the end of the meeting, and copies shall be provided to members of the team.


Acceptable uses of collaboration shall include:

a.       Strategic Planning

1.      Lesson design and planning, vertical and horizontal

2.      Cross-grade level planning on subject manner

3.      Discussing and establishing behavioral interventions and strategies

b.      Data Analysis

1.      Goal-setting for students based on formative tests

2.      Collaborative scoring of common assessments

c.       Instructional Design

1.      Collaborating on Units of Study preparation

2.      Developing and revising instruction

3.      Differentiated instruction for significant subgroups (such as Special Ed, EL, Foster Youth, etc.)

*Other topics may be established by mutual agreement of unit members and administration.

Collaboration time is not:

a.       Intended for additional staff meetings

b.      Scheduling/conducting other District, Association, or site meetings

c.       Classroom maintenance including making copies, grading classroom specific work, cleaning classroom, etc.

d.      Discussing site/district policies unrelated to instruction

e.       Administratively-imposed assignments or tasks






Professional Development


This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is by and between the Yuba City Unified School District (“District”) and the Yuba City Teachers Association (“YCTA”).

The Parties agree that, for the 2016/2017 school year, the District will provide two (2) days of professional development as set forth below.  This MOU, and its provisions, apply only to the professional development days.

1.      Unit members at Albert Powell High School and YCIA shall select two (2) dates which shall be in either the October intersession or the March intersession. 

2.      For all other teachers, the first day shall be August 8, 2016 and the second date shall be April 17, 2016.  Training on these days may focus on:

a.       new curriculum (e.g. ELA for K-8 and Math and Science 6-12).

b.      Refinement of lesson plans related to current training [engage in planning for implementation and develop lesson plans and strategies];

c.       Identification of issues related to the implementation of current training (including additional professional learning) [teachers will identify needs in the areas of resources, training, professional learning and collaboration]; and

d.      Summarization of (b) and (c), above, to provide feedback to administrators (with a copy to YCTA).

3.      The District will offer programs at one or more sites throughout the District.

a.       K-5 Teachers:            by grade level

b.      6-8 ELA and Math:    on a high school site, either as a group or with high school

c.       Secondary Teachers:   by content area

4.      For non-site based employees (e.g.: Psychologists, Counselors, Nurses, itinerant Music Teachers, Speech and Language Therapists, P.E. Specialists): YCTA Bargaining Unit Members within the program will be consulted to develop the program plan.  This shall not preclude them from participation in the site activities.

5.      This shall result in an increase to the salary schedule of 1.1% for the 2016/2017 school year effective July 1, 2016.  This agreement and resulting increase, shall sunset June 30, 2017 unless the parties mutually agree to extend it.