YCTA: Turn your reactions into ACTION

posted Feb 27, 2013, 7:46 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA,

Attached you will find the District's Package Proposal from 2/14/13.  In addition you will find the ABI protocols that the District mailed to all 6-12 teachers with the directive to use ABI immediately following the protocols. 

Have you been talking to each other?  Have you been reacting to these latest indications from the District?  The YCTA Executive Board and YCTA Bargaining team meet last night from 4:30PM - 8:00 PM to discuss our reactions and propose the next steps.  The Bargaining Team is meeting tomorrow to prepare a package proposal in response to the District's package proposal.  Both sides will meet again at the table next Thursday.

MONDAY 2/25 - YCTA Rep Council meets at 3:45PM - 5:15PM.  Be sure your site is represented as we work together to improve our working conditions.  Come learn more and share your site's concerns and ideas. 

MONDAY 3/4 - YCTA Mobilization Team meets at 4PM. 
This team will be designing the ACTION PLAN for YCTA's concerted response.  We need creative, committed people ready to lead and encourage others to get involved.  Bring your ideas to turn frustration and anger into ACTION for change. 

Our Message continues to be Value Us, Respect Us,  Negotiate with Us. 

I look forward to seeing on either Monday or sometime in the near future.  It is time to act. 

In Solidarity, Dina

ABI District Protocols 12-19-2012

YCUSD Package Proposal 2-14-2013