YCTA No meeting today (9-19-2013) - read for more info

posted Sep 19, 2013, 7:48 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Good morning YCTA,

No General Membership today. We did not make sufficient progress to present you with any bargaining update beyond the one below.  And in light of the potential for progress, we will not move our organizing efforts to the next level until after the next bargaining session.  So essentially we have no news yet to share.  We will continue our current organizing efforts until our team either brings a settlement from the next session or moves us to impasse.  See you in Blue at your sites today and next Thursday when we will bargain again. Rep Council on Monday as well as Crisis Team.  The Crisis Team will be meeting with CTA Organizer Bobby Yates on Monday.  Feel free to join us Monday. 

Our Bargaining Team left the DO after 11:30 PM.  Their dedication coupled with the ongoing support of our membership is an affirmation of union organizing and collective bargaining.  Let's keep building those connections and engaging in the conversations that build our union.  My hope is that we can be proud of both our work in the classroom and our involvement in our union.


Your bargaining team was at the table until 10:45 pm. We did not reach a settlement, nor are we at the point of impasse. We are working very hard on a conceptual proposal that reflects significant compromise on both sides.  We seemed to be at impasse at times today, but, because of your ongoing organizing, the District seems to be more motivated to reach a settlement than ever before.  We are hopeful that we may reach an acceptable settlement and will bargain again on Thursday, the 26th of September.


We thank you so much for your support.  We would never have gotten as far as we have without you.


Thank you to Bargaining Team.

Stay in touch,