YCTA declares IMPASSE to move negotiations forward 1/27/15

posted Jan 27, 2016, 10:13 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Collective Bargaining is designed to be a collaborative, constructive process.  The laws that give public school employees the right to negotiate hours, compensation, and conditions of employment give a voice to employees, which they often did not have before this legal right was afforded.  When YCTA engages in collective bargaining with YCUSD, we seek to collaboratively solve problems and bring about constructive change.  We have presented the District with the most immediate problem: competitive salaries that attract and retain the best employees for our students and community.

Despite YCTA’s continuing commitment to constructive, effective negotiations, this round of bargaining has become destructive.   Not only has the District failed to make any progress, they have insulted and disrespected us.   So, even though the YCTA Bargaining Team approaches this as a constructive process, it has become apparent that we have reached an impasse.   Even when we declare impasse and believe we can only make progress with an outside mediator to help address our differences, the District disagrees with us.  Instead they want to spend more time talking at us to convince us to accept their reasoning.  We believe that we will only be able to make progress with the assistance of an outside mediator. 

The support and unity of our membership has strengthened everyone’s resolve to stand up for respect.  Rough estimates of last night’s crowd put the number over 700.  Not only did we recognize many familiar faces, but also many people we had not seen before; there were students and their parents, community members, and business owners.  The energy and support was palpable.  We will move that energy forward to use the impasse process to secure a fair agreement that values and respects our work in the District.

Solidifying our decision to go to impasse the District did present one more package proposal after lunch.  The package proposal included: 

  • ·         NO salary increases for any existing cell on our current salary schedule.
  • ·         New cells for BA+75 (steps 1-28), BA+60 (step 1 & 2), BA+45 (step 1).  Only these added cells would result in any salary increase for our members.
  • ·         An increase to our work day of 30 minutes every day.  This represents a 7.14% increase in work time without any increase in compensation.
  • ·         An additional 40 hours of collaboration for 16/17 and 17/18 and two more years if the district wants it to continue - a 3.1% increase in time - for which they offered a 1% salary increase. 
  • ·         One mandatory professional development day on Monday, June 6, 2016 (Monday after school gets out) would be added.  Compensation would be paid at the full daily rate (0.55%).
  • ·         Looming pay cuts for BA+60 step 13 would be delayed until June 30, 2018.  Their pay would revert to year 13 if they do not secure enough units to move over to BA+75.


We look forward to the continued support of our membership and community as we move forward.   Our unity and visible demonstrations of support will ultimately move us to a fair resolution.



How did we get to impasse?  Summary of bargaining prior to January 27, 2016


1.      In spring 2015, YCTA made proposals to add professional development and collaboration time within the work year and workday. This would have avoided pulling teachers away from students and replacing them with substitute teachers.  The District failed to negotiate with us to provide that time.

2.      YCTA initial proposal (9/11/15) – YCTA proposed a 15% salary increase as a starting point to address the gap in our average salary compared to statewide average.  Based upon data available in September, our average salaries were 15% behind state average.

3.      There was a bargaining session on 10/13/15.  District failed to bring any proposal to respond to our initial proposal. 

4.      YCUSD initial proposal (10/30/15) – 1% increase for 15/16 (despite a 17% revenue increase) and a 1% for 16/17 (neither side opened 16/17) along with 40 hours of added work time in the form of collaboration on minimum days.  This proposal increased our work time by more than 3%.  Thus, the net effect a decrease in compensation.

5.      YCTA counterproposal (11/5/15) reduced our initial proposal to 13% in the interest of constructive negotiations and progress towards a compromise.  Later data, not available until 12/16/15, shows that our average salaries are now 13.4% behind state average.

6.      YCUSD counterproposal (12/9/15) to slash the salaries of hundreds of long-term employees as well as an even greater increase in hours compared to their first proposal.  The cost of their second proposal was roughly the same as their first proposal and asked for even longer hours than their first.  The District effectively made NO progress in their second proposal. 

We are YCTA.  

In Unity, 
Your YCTA Bargaining Team and Exec Bd.