YCTA Bargaining Update 2/19/2013

posted Feb 19, 2013, 4:15 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:33 PM ]

Your YCTA Bargaining Team thanks you for your show of support in RED. 


YCTA Bargaining Update in two bullets with more detail below.

  • District unwilling to discuss any pay raise until at least 2014/2015, despite a COLA for 2013/2014 of at least 1.65%
  • ABI Directive stands as delivered including SEVEN DAY DEADLINE for tests and other assignments.

We are providing this update in multiple parts.  In this first installment, we present the facts without any reaction from our Team.  We leave it to YOU to react first and then we will share our reactions and proposals for the next steps.  After we REACT, we will ACT TOGETHER.

This update begins in reverse as the day ended with particularly noteworthy indications from the District.


The District passed YCTA a package proposal (attached) at 2:46PM on February 14 (Our scheduled end time in light of Valentine's Day was 3PM).  The District proposed to extend the contract to June 30, 2016 with NO DISCUSSION OF ANY ONGOING INCREASE TO COMPENSATION UNTIL AT LEAST 2014/2015 and limited reopeners for 14/15.  (Side Note: COLA is expected to be funded at least at 1.65% for 13/14 and additional money is also likely.)  In addition, the District proposed that advancement on the salary schedule would be denied to any member who did not work at least 75% of the teaching days of  the year or who did not receive a satisfactory evaluation.  The District also proposed deleting contract language regarding a process for determining fair and equitable total compensation using data from surrounding districts.  The underlined is newly proposed text and the strike-out indicates text to be removed.


Earlier in the day.....YCTA continued to assert our right to negotiate prior to unilateral mandate for ABI Gradebook.  YCTA passed the District a three page proposal to address ABI gradebook.  Members of the District Bargaining Team indicated they were “done” reading it within 2 minutes.  YCTA's interest is to protect the educational decision making of teachers with regards to their gradebooks and to encourage effective communication with parents and students regarding student progress. 

Instead of negotiating, the District affirmed that the letter sent to our members threatening disciplinary action if they did not immediately implement ABI gradebook following the enclosed protocols stands as written.  We were engaged in negotiations with regards to implementation of ABI Gradebook.

YCTA and YCUSD signed a settlement agreement to resolve an earlier Unfair Practice Charge filed by YCTA.  The District had failed to negotiate with YCTA prior to unilateral action. This settlement avoids a hearing at PERB before an ALJ.  The District had unilaterally decreased the stipend paid to Ag teachers at RVHS without negotiating a change in the stipend.  The verbal agreement was reached at the last session. Finalizing the written settlement took additional time at this session.


Our next scheduled date is in two weeks - Thursday February 28.

The Exec Bd and Bargaining Team are meeting tomorrow afternoon to plan our next steps.


Our next Rep Council meeting is Monday, February 25.  Be sure your site is well represented at this meeting.  We will be planning our next steps.


As you ponder your reaction to this latest proposal from YCUSD, please consider the following from across the river.  Marysville settled for a one-time retroactive payment of 1.64% to pay back the only prior salary cut from 2010/2011 (three days compared to our nine), plus an ongoing 2% increase and $100 increase in the CAP.  Our District offered NO INCREASE.  Marysville's increase is the equivalent of a 3.8% increase effective this year.  More details on this to follow.

What is your reaction?  Talk to your colleagues.  We need to TALK to each other.  We need to react first - an emotional response.  Then we WILL ACT TOGETHER.

In solidarity, Dina