This District failed again …(5/19)

posted May 22, 2016, 11:42 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Mediation ended with no agreement.  We expect to be released to fact finding. 

Despite the overwhelming support shown by the community and our membership, this District and School Board have failed to make any progress.  Despite the growing number of vacancies and resignations, this District has failed to make progress towards competitive salaries.

Without competitive salaries and a climate of respect, this District will NOT be able to fill the growing number of vacant positions.  The number of classrooms of students without credentialed teachers will grow.  The number of vacant psychologist, nurse and speech and language pathologist positions will grow.  This will have long term consequences.

Why has this District so deliberately dragged out the negotiations process and so deliberately avoided negotiating in the face of a looming teacher shortage?  Reaching no agreement before the summer break is an extreme disservice to our students and community as this District will need to fill many vacant positions. 

With double digit discrepancy between our average salaries and the state average, how will this district compete in a tight market?  This District is unwilling to invest in teachers and students and instead remains committed to spewing negative rhetoric towards their own employees, who are working every day to serve the children of our community.  

We thank you for your on-going support.  It was great to see you on the corners this morning.

Your YCTA Bargaining Team
Steve Jennings
Derial McCaw
Cindy Marek
Shelley Priddy
David Satterlie