The District to YCTA: “There will be winners and losers.” 12/10/2015

posted Jan 25, 2016, 8:13 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

The District to YCTA:

“There will be winners and losers.”

The District proposed implementing Marysville’s salary schedule without any provision to gradually ease into the BA+75 column, resulting in up to 330 immediate “losers.”  All anniversary increments would be slashed for everyone who does not have at least 75 units beyond their BA.  Many of our members with 16 or more years of experience would face up to a $10,000 per year immediate pay cut. These are our colleagues who devoted their lives and careers to YCUSD and the students of Yuba City. These are our colleagues who took significant pay cuts in the tough years to help out the district and newer teachers.

In addition to slashing the salaries of up to 330 people, YCUSD proposed increasing our work day by 30 minutes (90 hours per year roughly a 7% increase in hours).  On top of that, their proposal included 40 additional hours of collaboration time for next year with no increase in compensation for those hours. This actually makes all of us “losers.” 

It has been our intent to engage in constructive negotiations that address the fact that YCUSD needs a salary schedule that attracts and retains the best educators.  YCTA’s last proposal included a column for BA+75, recognized the experience and value of all employees, and caused no harm to any unit member. If the District had recognized and engaged in constructive negotiations that respected our members, there would be no “losers.”

We have much more information to share.  We need to meet in person.  Come to the AK Gym on Walton on Monday Dec. 14.  At 3:45PM our Bargaining Team and Organizing Team will address the YCTA Bargaining Unit. 


See you Monday,

YCTA Exec Bd, Bargaining Team and Organizing Team