Bargaining Update: We are still on the road towards compensated collaboration time - Hang on! (5/14)

posted May 14, 2015, 8:23 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association
We passed the District our proposal for compensated collaboration time as well as additional minimum days.  Our entire proposal is attached.  While we had hoped to reach an agreement on this area of mutual interest, the District was unwilling to commit until after School Services reports to them and the Board meets on May 21 for a budget workshop followed by closed session.  The District indicated that they are interested in our proposal for 2015/2016.  We have been assured that we will be able to find a date for bargaining prior to end of school.
The May Revise of the Budget was released by the Governor’s Office at 10AM this morning.  The Governor’s budget includes $1.1 BILLION in discretionary one-time prop 98 money to address “state adopted academic standards.” The cost of collaboration time would be an innovative practice to address implementation of these standards.

Here is the fast lane version of our proposal:
·         Seventeen compensated collaboration minimum days for 15/16 as a pilot
o   for all schools
o   2.75% on the salary schedule – one-time money
·          K-5 additional minimum days
o   One week of parent conferences for K-5
o   Last day of each trimester
·         6-8 additional minimum days
o   Last day of each semester
·         9-12 additional minimum days
o   Final exams
o   Exit Exam

YCTA has proposed two full days of paid professional development days (formerly known as Buy-Back days) to be placed on the salary schedule (1.1%).   The District verbally counter-proposed a single day just like we did this year – uniform hourly rate if you attend.  They indicated that they would send us that proposal in writing and they may consider a second such day in the spring.

We enjoyed looking at all the pictures you sent.  Your support fuels us and keeps us on the road. 

We anticipate another meeting this year and look forward to your on-going show of support.  We continue to believe we can reach an agreement before the end of the year.

The Governor’s May Revise provides significantly more on-going money for education than was anticipated in January.  Our Governor knows the value of public education.  Your continued support makes a huge difference in our united success. 
Thank you,
Your Bargaining Team