Bargaining Update September 11, 2015

posted Sep 21, 2015, 3:08 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Sep 21, 2015, 5:18 PM ]


YCTA presented our proposal to address all of the items we sunshined for bargaining in 15/16 – the last year of our current contract.  Each side was allowed to open two articles other than those related to compensation and benefits.  YCTA opened Article 2: Assignment and Article 14: Leaves.  Our proposal addresses these issues as well as compensation.  We have attached our entire proposal for your review.  We believed we have prepared a reasonable proposal that should us towards a timely agreement.

Our salaries are 15% behind the state average.  Our compensation proposal is intended to address that gap.

“In order to forward  YCUSD’s goal of “attracting and developing” top quality professionals, YCTA proposes a 15% across the board salary increase, as well as an adjustment to the longevity schedule, in order to attract and retain the highest caliber teachers, counselors, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and nurses. YCTA has proposed this to address the 15% gap between the average teacher’s salary in California compared to YCUSD teacher’s average salary. (Source: California Department of Education fiscal year 2013-2014, the most recent available data.) A 15% increase to salary will come close to achieving our mutual interest in attracting and retaining top quality professionals for the students of YCUSD.”

Given the limited nature of the reopeners, it is our expectation that a timely agreement is possible.    

The District’s sunshine was limited to “Preparation time: maximize the use of this time for the benefit of pupils and the educational program.”  In addition, they reserved the right to reopen an additional article at a later date.  It was YCTA’s position at the table today that this was not good faith bargaining – to hold one in their pocket for a later day as we move towards an agreement.

We will meet with the District again on October 13.  On October 6, we would like to meet with all of you to discuss our proposal and the progress of bargaining.  We will gather at 4:30 PM and remain to make a brief presentation to the YCUSD Board at Riverbend Elementary School.

Thank you to our members in YCTA BLUE, especially those who sent us pictures.  We appreciate your support.

See you on October 6,

Your YCTA Bargaining Team

Steve Jennings, Bargaining Chair

David Satterlie

Cindy Marek

Shelley Priddy

Derial McCaw

Proposal from Yuba City Teachers Association To Yuba City Unified School District September 11, 2015