Bargaining Update November 5, 2015

posted Jan 25, 2016, 8:12 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Your support on November 3 was amazing! It is the only thing that will move our negotiations forward.

Today YCTA responded to the District’s pay cut offered last week.  Neither side opened for 16/17, so YCTA did not respond to the District’s proposal for 16/17.  YCTA did modify our 15/16 proposal for the Teacher’s Salary Schedule to add a sixth column (BA+75).  We reduced our overall salary schedule increase to 13% but added an additional 3% to the extra column (BA+75).   YCTA has adjusted our proposal to make progress.  We did not alter our previous proposal for the Psychologists Salary Schedule.  YCTA proposed a 1.15 multiplier for special education teachers and speech and language pathologists to address the mandates of IDEA.

YCTA continued to address our concerns about assignment language (Article 2).  We are attempting to delineate the practices of good administrators in making assignments and make that contract language to guide all administrators.  The District listened to our interests in this area.

YCTA asserted the Contractual provision to provide support providers to teachers with emergency credentials, just like we assign for BTSA.   YCTA continues to ask the District why NOT?  We have filed the grievance and will pursue it until our members have the support that we bargained on their behalf. 

Our next bargaining date is December 9.  Given that we have not yet reached an agreement, the YCTA Organizing Team has scheduled another rally and board meeting presentation on December 8.   See you then.

In solidarity,

Your YCTA Bargaining Team

Derial McCaw

Cindy Marek

David Satterlie

Shelley Priddy

Steve Jennings