Bargaining Update (2/5/2015)

posted Feb 5, 2015, 5:35 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association
The YCTA Bargaining Team met with the District Team on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  This was the first session with new Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources – David Bills.   Our team welcomes the new addition to the District team.  The District team is now comprised of Doreen Osumi – Deputy Superintendent, David Bills Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Tom Reusser – Principal River Valley High School, Brian Brown – principal Tierra Buena School, Louise McKray – Bridge Street School, Robert Shemwell – Assistant Superintendent for Business Services (when there is money to talk about), and their attorney Bob Kingsley.

As we begin bargaining for the 2015-2016 school year, the District has brought us a draft student calendar for 2015-2016.   The draft was shared at Rep Council and YCTA Reps were asked to share it with our members and report back on their interests of our members.  

          Article 38 requires us to annually negotiate staff development days that extend our work year.  In past years when the parties agreed to staff development days, our work year was extended by two days, and our compensation increased by 1.1%.  

For 2015-2016, we are proposing to extend our work year by three days, which would result in a student start date of August 11, and a teacher start date of August 6 with a floating work day.  We propose adding one staff development day before school starts, one in the early fall, and one in the late spring.  The YCTA proposed adjustments are attached.

We made this proposal based on overwhelming unit member feedback from the professional development survey you completed in the fall.  We will soon be sending you another survey (Needs Assessment to Inform Bargaining) to guide us in future negotiations.  Wait for that email from YCTA with your link to the survey monkey.  Your responses to these surveys are critical.  We will also soon be setting dates for future negotiations. 

As always, thank you for your support,
Your Bargaining Team
Steve Jennings – YCHS and YCTA Bargaining Chair
David Satterlie – Barry
Cindy Marek – Riverbend
Shelley Priddy – YCHS
Derial McCaw – Riverbend