An update from YCTA Bargaining and Executive Boards 2/6/2016

posted Feb 6, 2016, 10:01 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association
On Friday, February 5, the YCTA Exec Bd. and Bargaining Team met all day to prepare for impasse negotiations and activities to support bargaining.  YCTA remains committed to making progress toward competitive salaries that value and respect our work.

On Thursday, January 28, YCTA filed for impasse with PERB to get the help of a third party mediator. YCUSD contested YCTA’s position that we are at impasse.  After our declaration of impasse, the YCUSD Board held a special closed session meeting on Tuesday, February 2, 2016.  The District told PERB that they have another proposal for us to consider.  YCTA was notified by PERB Friday afternoon that since the District had another proposal for our consideration, we would not be certified to impasse at this time.  PERB indicated we may refile for impasse after meeting with the District if we believe we remain at impasse.  YCTA will return to the table at the direction of PERB to review the District’s proposal. YCTA remains committed to bargaining with YCUSD in good faith to reach a settlement that makes progress toward competitive salaries that attract and retain quality teachers.

Our unity and support in the community will move us forward.  We will continue to talk and organize.  We will gather at the corners of Highway 99 and Barry on Tuesday, February 23 beginning at 4:45PM. We will then march into the Board meeting.  We have some speakers from our community among others.  We need to gather our supporters together again.

Our next negotiations session was scheduled for March 3, although YCTA indicated a willingness on Friday to meet sooner including on Friday afternoon since our team was already assembled on this previously scheduled negotiations date.  

Our continued organizing and unity will move us forward.  We will continue to advocate for competitive salaries.  Salaries 13.4% below the state average do not allow YCUSD to compete for the best employees