Bargaining Time Line 8/11/2015

                                      Progress Update

Negotiations Between YCTA and YCUSD for 2015/2016


Based upon our member feedback, YCTA has begun negotiation with YCUSD for in 15/16 to address three areas of key interest:

·         1st comparable salaries that would allow YCUSD to value and retain current teachers and attract new teachers.

·         2nd a longer work year to provide professional development time that does not disrupt student instruction

·         3rda longer work day to provide collaboration time within the paid day that does not disrupt student instruction

Negotiations thus far:







Bargaining session


YCTA addresses a mutual interest of collaboration and professional development – continuing to assert the disruptive nature of replacing teachers with subs


District response:


Need to wait for Governor’s May revise


Bargaining session


YCTA reminds district of the calendar and work day issues


District response:

Need to wait for Governor’s May revise


Bargaining session


May Revise released on May 14, 2015


YCTA identifies the $7.6 Million in one-time money within the Governor’s May Revise

YCTA brings forth proposal for paid collaboration time and extended work-year PD



Despite the release of the May Revise –


District response

Need to wait until they go to School Services presentation for their analysis



Bargaining session



YCTA requests bargaining session after School Services presentation but within enough time to get an agreement and ratification by YCTA members before summer break


YCTA passes written proposal.  Cost: $1.5 million for collaboration and $1.2 million for PD.  (Less than ½ one-time money) The entire text of that proposal is on  Click here to read the proposal.


YCTA reminds the district that in order to reach agreement for implementation on day one next year, YCTA needs time to quickly ratify before school gets out and thus we could wait no longer.



Despite their attendance at School Services, where they became aware of both large sums of one-time money but significant increases in revenue


District response

Need to wait until budget finalized







Email from District to Steve Jennings

“Would YCTA be open to a one year agreement to align the 6-8 grade minutes as we continue to work through common collaboration days/minimum days? YCTA proposed increasing 6th grade minutes and reducing 7-8. I don't have the proposed daily minutes in front of me but am wondering if we could come to agreement for the one year. Without alignment, there are some programmatic challenges and challenges for staff who may need to teach all three grade levels. Let us know.”



Email from Steve Jennings to District

“I'm not sure what you are asking for here.  Are you accepting YCTA's proposal for 6,7 and 8 minutes?  That proposal was part of a larger proposal.  If you are asking to separate just this topic, can you send us a written proposal as to exactly what the District intends?”



Note: Bargaining Chair out of town until evening of August 4

Written proposal from attorney for District

Click here to read that proposal



9AM –

Bargaining session between YCTA & YCUSD


YCTA brings a written counter proposal Click here for entire text of YCTA proposal


A counter proposal that addresses elements of the District’s interest and compromises from YCTA original proposal of June 1, 2015.

Text attached and will be available on



District response


We will need some time to consider and get back to later today.




YCTA response by email

“After reading your email, we spoke by phone  I indicated given that the

stumbling block was instructional minutes at grades 1-8, YCTA was willing to address those.  The only reduction of minutes occur on the two last days of school before winter and summer break - not generally rich instructional time.  However during our conversation, I indicated that only one minute per day would be required to bank that time and YCTA was open to that discussion. 


In the interest of moving forward to address the District's interest in minutes for 6-8, YCTA is willing to accept 316 minutes for grades 1-5 and 336 minutes for grades 6-8 in this one year agreement. We believe our proposal provides a reasonable solution to address the interests of both sides.


I appreciate our discussion and interest in addressing areas of mutual interest. “ 

3:48 PM

District response by email

“Thank you for reviewing and considering our proposal to align 6th-8th grade instructional minutes.  After careful review of YCTA’s counter proposal, the District is unable to accept it because it continues to represent a reduction in instructional hours, which the Board has stated as unacceptable.  We believe there is not enough time to reach further consensus with school starting in just five days.  The District will move forward with 58,500 instructional minutes for 6th grade and 61,200 for 7th and 8th grade.”


No written response received by YCTA after the email of 4:23PM.


District implementing 325 minutes for 6th grade and 340 minutes for 7th and 8th grades.