First day of school - not like any other day 8/11/2016

posted Aug 17, 2016, 6:22 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA

This morning.

I passed out some fliers, engaged in conversations with a few parents, and welcomed kids as their parents dropped them off at school.  The kids are excited to be back and the parents are happy to see us, respect us and want to support us.  I am feeling good.  I hope you are as well.  Please read  on....

The night before...

Struggling with this first day of school.  Marginalized and degraded by employer.  Tired.  Emotionally drained leaving campus without a key. Angry.  Sad.  But then... remember we love kids. We care for and about the kids of Yuba City.  Seeing the kids tomorrow will put this in perspective.  Our students and parents - they will bring back the good feelings.  

Hang in there YCTA.  You are wonderful and dedicated people who operate with a great deal of faith in the future - you teach young people.  You care.  Tomorrow will be a better day as we stand before our students and stand with our colleagues.  You have taken on an amazing job to change lives.  You matter a great deal in their lives and that of their families.

We will be in our classrooms tomorrow.  There will be questions and we will answer them.   We will remain committed to each other and students.  We will draw strength.  We are teachers, counselors, nurses, counselors, SLPs and psychs.  (There is an email on non-school email as to how you might answer questions.  The District sent letters to the homes of the families of our students)

Have a great day tomorrow.