YCTA has declared impasse 3/7/2016

posted Mar 7, 2016, 4:00 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA,


After consideration of the District’s March 4 proposal, YCTA has once again declared impasse. The paperwork was filed with PERB this morning. 


The lack of any progress at the bargaining table makes it apparent that any further negotiations without the assistance of a neutral third party mediator would be futile.  The District claimed that YCTA was “abandoning negotiations” when we declared impasse in January; this could not be further from the truth. Impasse allows the parties to continue negotiations by providing the assistance of a neutral third party mediator in the hopes that continuing negotiations in a different manner will be more constructive.  That will not happen by continuing to talk in the same manner that has already failed so miserably.  


An impasse obviously exists when the District makes essentially the same proposal and expects a different answer.  It was unacceptable on January 27 and remained unacceptable on March 3. Even after the review of the budget numbers provided by the District on March 3, YCTA continues to assert that the District does have  the money to invest in competitive salaries without cutting programs.


PERB did not previously appoint a mediator because the District told PERB it had a new proposal.  PERB directed the parties to try again to make progress given the District’s new proposal. Unfortunately, the District presented essentially the same compensation proposal.


The District has misled PERB, our local media, and even our community on their web page.  We expect that PERB will see beyond any promises of progress from YCUSD and will assist us all by certifying that an impasse exists by assigning a neutral third party mediator.  


Our conversations to tell the story from our perspective are essential.  Our community listens when teachers talk with them.  Keep talking.  Invite people to join you on the four corners of Highway 99 and Bridge on Tuesday (3/8) at 4:30 PM.  We will stand on the sidewalks along the four corners of Bridge Street near the Highway.  We will not be standing on the highway.  We will march to the District Office.  To comply with the Superintendent's request, no more than 72 of us will be allowed to enter the Board Room.  So the march can move slowly along.  The weather should allow us to gather outside the Board Room, and at that time YCTA will provide you with more information.


The YCTA Exec Bd meets this afternoon.  You can expect an email to your non-school email from yctainfo@gmail.com with more details.  If you do not get emails from YCTA on your non-school email, send your non-school email address to yctainfo@gmail.com to be added to the address book.


YCTA is committed to real progress towards competitive salaries that allow YCUSD to compete for the best employees for our students. YCUSD understands the importance of competitive salaries for administrators paying them all above the state average, yet refuses to make the same commitment to competitive salaries for teachers.  YCTA will continue to stand up for respect and a contract that values our contributions.  Competitive salaries are essential to attracting and retaining the best teachers for our students.

Stay strong YCTA,