YCTA: Be there tomorrow no later than 4:30PM

posted Mar 7, 2016, 4:02 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

We need to show our community that "We are YCTA."  YCTA is not an outsider - but rather members of our local community.  We live here.  We raise our children here.  We go to church here.  We coach youth sports.  We are scout leaders.  We shop here.  We dedicate our lives to serving the children of community.   This is our home.  

We will standing on all four corners of Bridge Street and Hwy 99 tomorrow afternoon from 4:30PM until almost 5PM.  The Yuba City Police Department has approved our "parade".  We will be marching to the District Office, so wear your walking shoes.

Talking becomes walking tomorrow. 

The District attempts to characterize us as greedy outsiders.  Show them instead that YCTA is YOU and ME.  YCTA is us - members of the community.  We want negotiations to continue.  We want progress towards competitive salaries that attract and retain great teachers for our schools.  We are afraid of the future for Yuba City if YCUSD leadership fails to value and respect teachers.  We want to assure that great teachers are in the classrooms on either side of our own classrooms.  We are standing up for now and the future.

See tomorrow YCTA,