YCTA: Another letter to the editor (5/24)

posted May 25, 2016, 8:08 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA

Today's paper includes another letter to the editor.  Sunday's paper also included an off-beat column you may find interesting.  Link on Facebook page.

And with regards to the Unfair practice charge filed by YCUSD.  

This District is resorting to tactics such as this to derail the process.  It would appear YCUSD is reluctant to get to fact finding.  We have reviewed the elements of the charge and have found them to be a grossly inaccurate misleading misrepresentation of the actions at the bargaining table.  We will review all of our notes to respond and correct the inaccuracies.  You may review all of our reports from the bargaining table on ycta.net

As we reflect upon this year, it has been a long haul.  But we have grown stronger in our resolve to stand together.  

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