YCTA: 20% pay raise - That's how you retain high quality personnel

posted May 25, 2016, 8:23 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Tonight (5/24) at the YCUSD Board meeting the YCUSD Board took unanimous action to retain the services of Mr. Robert Shemwell.  Mr. Shemwell has been the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services for about two year and will become the Deputy Superintendent.  Board members remarked on the importance of retaining personnel in the position responsible for finance.

Mr. Shemwell's salary for 15/16 was $153,938 plus $1500 for a masters and $1080.  Tonight in recognition of the importance of salary to attract and retain, the YCUSD Board acted to increase his salary to $185,000 with a 5% increase each of the following two years (ultimately raising his salary to roughly $204,000 after two years).  Wow.  That represents more than a 20% pay raise in the first year!  Stunning.  (Note:  The dollar amount was reported verbally and not shown in the Board agenda in writing as was the rest of the contract.)

To attract and retain us, they offer 3.5% overall (with some winners and some losers - according to Mr. Shemwell) coupled with more than 7% more work time - resulting in essentially a pay cut.  Wow. 

Then they lambast us on their website.  And file unfair practice charges that completely misrepresent events at the bargaining table.  

In my remarks tonight I encouraged the Board to consider our vote as a mandate, that YCTA members do not feel valued and respected.  It is time for a change.

Sorry. You should not be treated in this manner.

Our jobs require a great deal of energy and commitment to kids. We do the work we love with kids we really care about.  This is the time of year we are exhausted.  It is bittersweet as we have taken our students far and built relationships.  We have guided and prodded them to grow.  We will bid  them well as they move on.  

Hang in there.  I believe in you and the magic of the work you do every day.  Our work matters.  

Please fell free to respond with your thoughts and comments.  As always the YCTA Exec Bd is listening to YCTA members.

Thank you for all you do,