YCTA - Fact Finding is complete, but that does NOT mean facts were reported

posted Jul 22, 2016, 8:32 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Hello YCTA,

Some time before noon today, YCUSD posted the Fact Finding Report on their website before YCTA even received our copy.  

Regrettably the report by the neutral does not reflect the data presented at the hearing and cites no evidence to support the chair’s advisory recommendation.  Some of the data YCTA presented is cited in the dissent portion of the complete report.  YCTA built a strong case demonstrating that YCUSD has a problem attracting and retaining teachers and can afford to make improvements to the salary schedule to provide competitive salaries.

YCTA has demonstrated our willingness to compromise, but also an unwavering commitment to make progress towards competitive salaries to address the immediate impact and long term consequences of YCUSD's problem attracting and retaining teachers.  The District continues to maintain that they do not have a problem - despite the growing number of resignations and vacancies.

We are working to place excerpts of our Fact Finding Binder on ycta.net.  The entire binder is hundreds of pages.  I expect that we will be able to post those excerpts tomorrow.  Attached to this email, you will find the entire report as well as our press release.  Please read both.  Be prepared to talk within our community.  We will need to keep talking.  YCUSD has demonstrated their willingness to mislead the public as well as the Fact Finding Panel.  But our community will listen to you.  You are the people who work with their children every day.

We are proceeding with our preparations for a strike if necessary, although we remain committed to further negotiations should the District express any willingness to make progress.  We have already begun training our strike picket captains (7/20 training with Bobby Yates, CTA Organizer).  Please contact me if you are ready and willing to assist the picket captains or take another key role in the event of a strike.  We will all be called upon to step up and act together.  But some of us will do more than others.  Are you ready?

We have confirmed that the training for strike subs is Wednesday 7/27 at 9AM.  Please gather at Sutter County Office of Education by 8:30AM on Wednesday 7/27. We will picket this event to urge our community to support teachers and NOT cross the picket lines if it becomes necessary for us to strike to make progress.  (attached is the district email sent to potential subs)

We will repeat the same action on the following Wednesday - August 3, but the training is scheduled from 4-7PM so gather at 3:30PM on Wednesday 8/3.

On Monday August 8, we will gather for a YCTA General Membership Meeting at 3:30PM at an off campus site to be determined (working on getting the Bonanza again - we want an indoor facility in case of heat).

Please join us on the picket lines to urge potential subs to respect the teachers of Yuba City.  Ultimately we hope to exert pressure that compels the District to make progress without a strike. Each of these actions is another opportunity.

It is urgent that we all get the same info.  Come to the meeting on Monday 8/8 to get the latest info.  Be there.  

I urge you to stay strong and remember that we are standing up for our students, our schools and our community.  Without competitive salaries and a climate that values and respects our work, YCUSD not be able to attract and retain teachers and other educators for our students.  

See soon,

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