May 31 at 6PM Provide input on LCAP spending priorities. Invite the community.

posted May 26, 2016, 6:28 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Did you know districts are required to get significant and meaningful input from all the stakeholders and the community to develop their LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan)? The plan directs spending for the supplemental and concentration grant money.  And Districts may use that money for salary increases to attract and retain.  Read the excerpt from Torlakson's letter for this requirement.

How has YCUSD gathered data?  Were there any opportunities for our community at large?  Here is the response.

Hi Dina,
There was a meeting on February 17 through AVID parent meeting; May 2 DELAC; May 17 Title I/Foster Youth.  There will be an LCAP Advisory meeting on May 31st.  I was going to be sending you an email regarding this meeting.  It will be at 6:00 in the DO.   Again, the only survey has been available for input for all stakeholders including community members.
Let me know if you need anything further.

Doreen Osumi
Deputy Superintendent
Yuba City Unified School District

 Let's encourage our community to get involved.  Tell YCUSD to spend money to address a significant problem.  We must have qualified personnel serving our community's children every day in the classrooms of Yuba City.  We are losing teachers to neighboring communities and failing to attract new ones.  

The District can and should use this funding source to pay competitive salaries to attract and retain teachers -  fundamentally important personnel in our schools.

They must develop the LCAP with community involvement.  Invite members of the community to attend Tuesday May 31 at 6PM.  You can use all your contacts to invite the community.  Last year, Board President Riley challenged YCTA to ask our teachers to get parents to meetings such as these.  When they tell us the "community" told them.  Let's get the community to be heard on May 31st.  There will also be a Board meeting in June to approve the LCAP plan.  

Stay strong,