Blue Thursdays - YCTA is back on the streets of YC.

posted Jan 15, 2016, 11:45 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

We were out on the streets yesterday morning holding our signs, smiling and standing together.  Here we go again.  We know how to do this and we know that it is the only thing that moves our district.  Plus the camaraderie feels good and is empowering.


Riverbend already posted their picture on YCTA's facebook page.  Below you will find a few from Barry.  YCTA Site Reps have picked up YCTA picket signs at the YCTA office as well as red respect buttons and yellow community fliers.  Plus they have been dropping off blue links for the YCTA Chain of Respect.  


The yellow community flier is attached.  Use this flier to talk to our community.  Ask them to join you at YCHS at 5PM to show the YCUSD Board that we are united in support of our bargaining team.  


You cannot put students first, if you put teachers last. Despite large and continuing increases to the District revenue, our district proposed slashing the salaries of more than 200 long-term employees and increasing the hours of all teachers - effectively cutting the salaries of hundreds more employees.  Regrettably our reality here in YCUSD is that our district only makes progress with us, if we are persistent and visible in our unity.  We cannot count on the district to value and respect us, but we can count on each other.  


Let's get out there on Thursday mornings.


Let's get out there and talk to our community.  


Let's be there and bring others with us - YCHS 5PM Tues. 1/26


We can do it.


See you soon,


Click Here for Community Flyer