Another Blue Thursday - Are you feeling BLUE?

posted Oct 15, 2015, 8:05 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

We continue to build our unity to urge the District to show that they value us.  When comparing total compensation we rank 12th out of 13 K-12 school districts in the area.  We are only slightly above Woodland and behind every other district in the list of 13.  

This Monday 10/19 is Rep Council.  Any YCTA Member may come to hear directly from YCTA Bargaining Chair Steve Jennings what happened at our last bargaining session on 10/13.  You will get impressions and details that we could not share on district email.

Plan on being at the DO at about 5PM on Nov. 3 to show the Board we are UNITED and expect progress in bargaining.   Our next bargaining session is Friday, 10/30.  Come on 11/3 at about 5PM to hear directly from the YCTA Bargaining Team what happens on 10/30.  Bring parents and members of the community with you.  

Wear you YCTA blue with pride as we stand together.  

See you soon,