9/17/2015 September 25 - Is not a work day for YCTA Unit Members

posted Sep 21, 2015, 3:14 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA

I am still getting questions about Friday, September 25.  It is not a work day - our work year includes 183 days and 9/25 is not one of them.  The day is yours.  Enjoy it.

YCTA proposed Friday, September 25 for professional development.  It would have been an extra work day to extend our work year to 184 days increasing pay by 0.55% for the extra work day.  The District rejected that proposal, so we have the day off. 

The salary cost would have been about $300,000.  The State Budget provided YCUSD with $1.4 Million dollars for educator professional development.   They had the money to pay for our time and choose not to do so. 

Instead our students will pay with lost instructional time as we are pulled out of our classrooms and replaced by substitutes.

How can we move our district in a move positive direction?  Stand up together with YCTA.  Show our unity and commitment to act together.

Rep Council is this Monday, 9/21.  Be sure your site is represented.

YCTA Informational Rally on 10/6 at 5PM.  Be there to show your support for your Bargaining Team. 

See you soon.

Have a great YCTA Thursday,