You contribute to the success of kids - Check out the celebrations from the Board meeting last night(1/28/2015)

posted Jan 29, 2015, 7:20 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA,

Tuesday night the YCUSD Board celebrated noteworthy distinctions bestowed upon our District.  Our members play a key role in supporting our students to high levels of academic success and more.  We should all celebrate these. 

I bring you these distinctions, but there are so many more ways we all make a difference every day for children. 
I salute you all  as educators who make immeasurable contributions to improving the lives of children. You impact the future every day.

First.  AP Honor Roll for YCUSD.

Here is a link to the AP site for information on the Honor Roll.  Thirty five districts in California earned this distinction.

The award is based upon increasing numbers of students taking AP exams while also maintaining the pass rates.  Increasing the percent free and reduced lunch kids and/or African American, Native American or Hispanic/Latino.

We all play a role in encouraging, supporting and educating students to achieve at higher levels.  Teachers in the classroom play a key role in the achievement of students.  The superintendent's report indicated that the:

  • # of students increased from 208 in 2008 to 314 in 2010 and 377 in 2013.
  • % of students tested increased from 11.1% in 2008 to 15.7% in 2010 to 20.5% in 2013
  • % of students achieving a 3 or higher (passing) remained at 40% while # tested increased by over 20%
  • more than 30% of the students tested qualify as economically disadvantaged

Second.  YCHS recognized as a Top AFS School for 2015
YCHS was also recognized as one of the eight CA recipients of the 2015 Top AFS School awards.  AFS is the program that fostering global awareness through foreign exchange students.  Here is the excerpt from the AFS website. 

Yuba City High School accepted its first AFS student in 1955-1956, and sent its first student abroad for the summer of 1956. Since then, YCHS has hosted AFS exchange students and sent students abroad on AFS programs almost every year. Administrators and teachers value the different dynamic and perspectives exchange students bring to classroom discussions. The students are invited to give presentations in 10th grade World History classes which helps YCHS students meet the challenges of the increasing globalization of the world today. A firsthand account of life in a foreign country is much more meaningful for students--especially when given by their peers, the AFS students.

Have a great day and remember you make a difference.

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