YCTA: What's up with Oct. 10?

posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:09 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Confused.  You are not alone.  People have been asking.  Here is the story so far.
Professional Development and Collaboration should be provided
                        within our Contracted Hours
                        without disrupting instruction
YCTA has been consistently delivering this message.  Our members have expressed their concerns regarding the new trend to pull teachers away from their students to provide professional development or collaboration time.  We have asked instead to add hours and days to our contract to provide time to conduct trainings and collaborate together to hone our practice.  (Imagine  the impact on teachers and students in the first full week of instruction this year - teachers required to attend a training, pulled away from their students for THREE consecutive days Tues., Wed. and then Thurs. - students with a substitute teachers for three days in a row.  It happened in about 30 classrooms.)

YCTA has proposed two solutions: add days to our work year and hours to our day.  We are asking for a longer workday and work year coupled with professional competitive wages.  We had hoped to add two days before school and at least one day during the school year on October 10.  Each added day represents 0.55% on the salary schedule.

When we met with the District to negotiate in June, we had hoped to add those days to our contract.  The District rejected our proposal, but did send us a proposal for October 10.  The District’s proposal would make October 10th a voluntary work day for site-based professional development/collaboration.  Those participating would be paid based upon the Uniform Hourly Rate.  While it was not what we had hoped to achieve, YCTA was and is still prepared to sign and accept that agreement. Since very early August, our Bargaining Chair, Steve Jennings has been trying to meet with the District to sign the agreement.  The District has yet to meet with us to sign their proposal for October 10.

At this point, I cannot tell you what the plan is for October 10.  Students will definitely not be in attendance, beyond that...?  Perhaps, we may just have a three-day weekend in the middle of that long stretch between Labor Day and Veteran's Day - November 11.  It may be a welcome respite to recharge.

Our Bargaining Team will meet with the District on Wednesday, September 17th.  Perhaps some clarity will emerge.   Watch for their bargaining update afterwards.

Stay in touch.  Have you seen the CTA ad campaign - Ask a Teacher?  Let's keep talking and listening.   You can watch it here. <http://www.cta.org/> You may find a familiar face in the ad.

Have a great weekend, Dina