YCTA: Two Important Notices to save for your employment files

posted Nov 19, 2014, 4:22 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

You have received two emails from Hallie Hunt.  Be sure you open them and save them.  They contain important information. 


Assignment and Salary Placement for 2014/15 School Year Confirmation on Oct. 2


Sick Leave Accrual and Balances on Oct. 30


Previously you would have received a hard copy of these annual notices, but you are now receiving them by email.   You should save these notices.  Locate them in your district email in-box and save them either electronically by hitting reply, copying the contents, and pasting it into a word document or by printing the email and saving the hard copy.


The salary schedule placement used to come to you as a purple sheet at the end of August.  It was late this year, but I anticipate that we can expect it next year at the end of August.  

    Review these items carefully:

  • Your step and column placement.  Is it accurate?  Prior contract language provided for advancement to the next step with any increment of service in the prior year.  Beginning this year, at least 50% of paid service time (that includes fully paid sick leave) will be required to advance.   If you miss more than 91.5 days or its equivalent, you will not advance to the next step.  Ask if you are not sure.  This includes part-time.  That is if you have a reduced contract for less than 50%, you will need to accumulate the equivalent of 50% (91.5 full days or portions that add up to 91.5 days) in order to advance. 
  • Your units.  How many units does the District show after your BA or MA.  If you do not have at least 60 units past your BA, you will NOT earn any credit towards the anniversary increments.  That is you will NOT advance past step 12 until you have accumulated either 60 past your BA or 15 units beyond your MA .  You may even want to accumulate units beyond the 60 although there is currently no salary schedule advantage to doing so.


Your sick leave accrual previously came on a white sheet at the end of October.  The balance shown is as of the date indicated on the notice, so it includes absences taken this year as well as your annual allotment added to the prior year's total.  Your sick leave balance is also shown on each paycheck, although that balance may not reflect recent absences due to processing time delays.  Your sick leave balance will count towards years of service when you retire. Attached to this email you will find a helpful graphic for understanding sick leave.  Unused sick leave will apply to years of service at retirement. 


It is your responsibility to review the accuracy of these records and ask questions if you are unsure of their accuracy.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Stay in touch, Dina