YCTA Rep Council and a signed CBA (4/20)

posted Apr 22, 2015, 7:38 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2015, 7:39 AM ]

Good Morning YCTA,


We had a lively Rep Council meeting.  Reps shared issues of importance to members at their sites.  We discussed recent negotiated settlements in neighboring districts.  I urge you to attend a ten minute meeting with your Site Rep.  It is important for us to engage in two-way communication to build our union.  Let's keep talking and listening to each other.


We discussed the reauthorization of the ESEA (Federal legislation originally intended as part of the War on Poverty by President Lyndon Johnson).  Have you contributed to the dialogue to help Congress get it right by focusing on quality education instead of high stakes costly testing?  Here is the link.  I urge you to use it to share your story.  


We discussed the importance of our membership participation in YCTA.  Does your administrator respect the YCTA time after the staff meeting to allow our members to meet and discuss issues important to us?  We have the right to participate the protected activities of union involvement.  Supportive administrators include YCTA at the bottom of the agenda and leave promptly to allow this time.  If you administrator does not allow this time, please let us know so that we can address this matter.  


Will you participate and stand up with other YCTA members next Tuesday?  Come pick up your new blue tee shirt, vote on the TA and stay until  5:30 PM to show the Board that we are standing together with our YCTA Bargaining Team.


Finally, we have a signed Contract (CBA - Collectively Bargained Agreement).  Our YCTA Bargaining Team Chair Steve Jennings signed it during spring break. It took a lot of time to be sure it was an accurate reflection of all our agreements. You can find a scanned copy of the signed CBA on YCTA.net.  You will be able to request a printed copy from YCUSD.  Site reps will be provided copies at our next Rep Council meeting.  Here is the link for the CBA.


Stand together with pride.

We are YCTA.