YCTA Rep Council - Are you informed? Do you play an active union role?

posted Jan 23, 2015, 7:27 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Hello YCTA,

This Monday (1/26) is Rep Council.  How is your school represented?  Do you play an active role in our union?  Are you informed? 
Get the conversation started - check out the link at the end of this email to Sac Bee.  And you may decide to start talking.

At the last meeting we asked our reps to engage in small groups to share ideas and strategies to engage our membership. 
An engaged and active YCTA membership gives us the power to influence decisions that impact our work.  Blue shirts and our solidarity gave us strength. 

We will continue that discussion from the last meeting and build our plan for the spring.  For starters -
does your site have a monthly ten minute YCTA meeting?  Remember how connected we all felt out on the street in the mornings. We were talking to each other across grade levels and disciplines.  We were engaged.

We need to do it again.

In addition to site sharing, we will discuss the Governor's proposed budget and the latest information regarding salary comparability.

Short version - the
budget for 15/16 looks very good for education.  We need to play in role in directing the priorities for increased spending.  In addition to significant increases in the general fund in per pupil spending , the Governor has proposed $1.1 Billion dollars for implementation of the Common Core.  This money can and should be spent in professional development and collaboration time for teachers and educators to implement the Common Core without disrupting student instruction.  Click here for more info about the state budget.  Or click here for the press release from CTA President Dean Vogel. 

Finally check our this link to the Sac Bee article that prompted  Chris Gilbert's story on KUBA - local radio.  Chris called to ask me to comment on the fact that our salaries continue to lag behind the state average and that our superintendent's is above the state average.  Citing the importance of competitive salaries in the area to attract and retain the best personnel, I admitted being disappointed that our salaries still lagged significantly behind those of our colleagues in Marysville.  When asked to comment about our superintendent's increasing salary over the last five years, I indicated the importance of competitive salaries to attract and retain good superintendents and expressed hope that our Board would decide to do the same for teachers in the future.   I encourage you to check the data for YC vs Marysville in the Sac Bee using this link.  Check our district and click on the details.  You may decide we need to act together.  I hope this starts a conversation.

Stay in touch,