YCTA: Have you heard? Will you be there?

posted Apr 24, 2015, 7:12 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Have you heard about the recent settlements?  Both Chico and Stockton were on the verge of strikes and have reached settlements that provide improvements in contractual language as well as salary increases.  Marysville did not even need to get to the brink of strike to reach a settlement.  You can get more details about the Marysville and Chico settlements in the latest issue of the YCTA Unifier - soon to be delivered to your site.  You can also ask your Site Rep to share the newest salary comparison between YC and Marysville after their latest raise.  Or you can come to YCTA meeting at Gray Ave on Tuesday 4/28. 

How did they do it?  By organizing and standing together.  We will do that as well.

There is good news
from Stockton, that is particularly relevant to us.  They have added paid collaboration time to their contract.  Part of the pay raise they secured was the result of paid collaboration time as well as paid parent engagement time.  About 2.3% will be added to their salary schedule by adding 1.5 hours of paid collaboration time every two weeks.  They negotiated parameters for PLCs that allow for teacher-driven collaboration to address improving instruction.  In addition they added nine hours of parent engagement time to build relationships with parents as partners in the education of students (adding about 0.8% to the salary schedule) I have inserted the relevant language from their TA below, but you can access their entire agreement on the Stockton Teachers Association website.  These are exciting and innovative ideas to address the goals of the LCAP. 

Your YCTA Bargaining Team will bring our proposal to the bargaining table on May 14. Our proposal will include paid collaboration time.   We ask that you support the power of our Bargaining Team to negotiate on behalf of all our YCTA members.   You can do this by standing with YCTA. 
    Be there on Tuesday 4/28 at Gray Ave. 
Beginning at 4PM, You can ...

  • Pick up your new YCTA blue tee-shirt. You will be able to wear it next Blue Thursday.
  • Get some updates from YCTA including details of our sunshine proposal for 2015/2016
  • Vote to ratify the work year TA. 
  • Stay until 5:30PM to show the Board we are united in support for our Bargaining Team
  • We will present our sunshine proposal to the Board before they go into closed session at Gray Ave.
  • We will be done at 5:45PM.  You can go out to dinner with other members.

We are YCTA and together we can make a difference.  Let's do it. 

Join me next Tuesday,


P.S.  I love this one from Stockton's organizing efforts:

You can't put students first, if you put teachers last.