YCTA: Another year begins. What are the details of pre-service days?

posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:07 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Hello YCTA,

August 1 signals the rapidly approaching start to our new school year.  Remember when that was Labor Day.    I hope that this email finds you happy, healthy and relaxed.  I enjoyed an amazing July but am now gearing up to get started again.  I enjoyed time with family and friends as well as phenomenal travels.  Some of you have already begun preparing your classrooms and gearing up for the promise of a new school year. Others may be planning to make every last minute of the break count.

So how many minutes do we have left before we begin full force?

Attached you will find the signed agreement for our pre-service days.  You can access the negotiated calendars on YCTA.net using this link<http://www.ycta.net/home>.  The calendars in the top tabs.

Our contracted work year includes 180 student attendance days and three additional work days ("pre-service days").

Two of those pre-service days are August 11 and August 12.  On those two days, administration may use up to seven hours and you will have at least seven hours for independent self-directed preparation time.  (Note: AP and Alt dates are different)

The third day is a floating day for returning unit members.  These seven hours are used at your discretion as well.  You may work any combination of hours to total seven hours next week or January 8 or 9.  You must sign in at your school.

Please review the attached signed agreement and calendars for further details.

The YCTA Exec Bd and Bargaining Team put in some work time this summer.  I will send those updates in later emails.

Welcome back.  Let's begin with renewed enthusiasm for our work with students.  We have challenges and possibilities before us.

Let's stay in touch with one another.