Need Units: CTA Common Core Training in Redding

posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:08 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Hello YCTA,

Are you looking for professional growth opportunities to move over on the salary schedule?  Remember moving over to column V with 60 units is the only way to earn longevity steps.  The difference between column IV and Column V at retirement with 28 years (at least 15 years on column V) this year would be $83,631 vs only $65,394.  Do not delay in earning units to move over.

Fifteen hours of district-approved professional growth counts towards a unit for purposes of moving over on the salary schedule.  This includes District passports as long as you turn down the hourly pay and other professional growth as long as you were not being paid for the time to attend and the District deems the professional growth to be appropriate to advance your professional work with YCUSD.

The email below is from CTA regarding a Common Core training in Redding next Saturday.  If the District approves this training that seems very relevant to all of us, you would earn about seven hours of professional growth (almost half a unit).  The cost is minimal - only $25 for CTA members.

CTA puts on some great trainings.  This is your dues dollars at work to support our profession.  Whether you need the units or not you may want to check out the training in Redding this weekend.

Have a great week, Dina