$150 and pro-active health

posted Oct 3, 2014, 10:48 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Update on the $150 incentive for health and wellness.  The goal of this initiative is put us all in a position to be proactive about our health. 


There are two requirements:

  • Complete on-line assessment – I tried it today and the wellness assessment is not yet available, but CVT and Anthem are both working on it.  I was able to speak with them at the screening at the DO today.  I will send an email as soon as I get the word and test it myself.  Setting up your account on Anthem will allow you more access to your claims.  I can see who is covered and all the EOBs and claims.
  • Engage in preventive screening – the quick screenings at the DO are completely booked for both dates, but  the goal is developing a relationship with our primary-care physician.  So schedule an appointment with your doctor for any preventive screening including your annual physical exam.  Preventive care is covered at 100% - no cost to you. I have attached a pdf showing all the preventive screenings.  You need only do one of these.

Let’s be proactive about our health and take care of ourselves as we do others.  We can make healthy decisions to take some control of our health and wellness. 


My personal anecdote (feel free to share yours with me)

Several years ago my blood pressure was elevated and my doctor recommended running.  I had always said running was something you do to escape a bear or other threat.  Thus far I have been able to avoid high blood pressure with regular exercise.  I now run 2 miles at least three days a week.  I feel great and know it helps with the stress of this job.  Knowing my numbers keeps me focused on good health.  Glucose and cholesterol levels encourage me to modify my diet.  I hope to protect my health long into my retirement.    Early diagnosis of health threats is so important so I engage in regular screenings. 


Immunizations for our children and us are also covered at 100%. Info on flu shots from CVT is below.


I truly wish you all good health.  Our health is precious.


Have a wonderful weekend,