YCTA: Do you have at least 60 units after BA or 15 after MA?

posted May 7, 2014, 9:20 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association
If you do not have 60 units after your BA or 15 after your MA, after step 12 you are effectively frozen on the salary schedule and will not begin to earn longevity steps until you have those units. (If you finally earn those units at year 20, you will begin to earn credit towards the steps but will have lost the in between years.)

Completing the form for advanced approval for the units will assure that the District will count those units for credit on salary schedule.

You may also convert professional development hours at workshops into units.  You must have a certificate of the hours from that workshop.  Webinars may also apply.  YCTA will launch a new section of our web page to help our members find professional development opportunities.  If you spot any good ones, send them to Lee Gundy.

Attached is the email from Bruce regarding one opportunity.  Plus I am aware that there is a good summer science workshop at Sac State.  Click here for info.  There will be multiple opportunities for all of us to engage in professional development as we implement the Common Core.  Our profession is one characterized by continual professional growth as we continue to reflect upon and modify our practice.

Even if you have all the units for our salary schedule, it is still wise to keep track of all your professional development hours.

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