posted Oct 1, 2014, 9:04 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Consider the following areas and priorities.  What are we already doing?  What can we do better?  What should be our highest priorities within these areas?  Given a finite amount of resources, we should all consider the needs of our students and our schools and identify areas of strength, areas of need, and our highest priorities.  Dedicating our resources, talents, and energy in the most effective matter to meet the needs of our students and the goals we set for our district requires careful consideration to maximize our results.

Excerpts from the state LCAP guidelines.

Conditions of Learning

·         Quality of teachers, instructional materials, and facilities

·         Instruction aligned with Standards

·         Broad Course of Study

Pupil Outcomes

·         Student achievement

·         Other pupil outcomes


·         Parental involvement

·         Pupil engagement

·         School climate

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