posted Sep 12, 2013, 7:41 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Good Morning on Another YCTA BLUE THURSDAY

Wow. Tuesday at the Board meeting was another amazing show of YCTA UNITY.  Three teachers spoke for all of us asking the District to negotiate a fair contract that values and respects us. I listened to the recording yesterday and was impressed and inspired by our speakers as well as reports of the charge in the air from all those there representing YCTA.  Please join me in thanking Nancy Albrecht of YCHS, Janet Aurre of AK, and Terry Evans of RV for delivering clear and convincing messages to our board.  If you were not there I encourage you to listen to the recording (click here).  You will be proud and inspired by our continued to commitment to one another and a fair contract. I was with you in spirit and appreciated the updates from the meeting.  My masters class meets on Tuesday night and I needed to be there.  Sorry there is no alternate class available.

What are you doing today for YCTA Thursday or Equal Pay Day tomorrow?  Please
share your stories either on our Facebook page or by emailing me. 

We have plans for all of us.  Let's ALL leave school together 15 minutes after the kids and then join together for a YCTA GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  We will gather together to hear the latest from our Bargaining Team.  They meet with the District on Wed.  We want to deliver this message in person.  It is best if we can talk face to face.

We are building relationships, unity and momentum. 

See you next Thursday, Dina