YCTA What are you signing?

posted Sep 17, 2013, 10:44 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association



What are you being asked to sign called “Employee Rights”


The last two pages of the three page packet are settlement documents between YCTA and YCUSD that the District opted to distribute by asking for signatures from each employee.  In our previous settlement in 2009, the District sent an email to all of YCUSD. 


Short story.  You have the right to representation and the District shall not deny that right.  In addition, you have the right to participate in union activities.


Details to the story.  Be educated about your rights so that we can all protect our rights.

YCTA approached the Superintendent to resolve a potential Unfair Practice Charge prior to litigation.  YCTA was concerned that the District had interfered with the rights of employees in particular with regards to their right to representation in meetings that may lead to disciplinary action. 


These rights are frequently known as “Weingarten Rights”.  If you ask prior to the meeting about the specific nature of the meeting, your administrator must tell you.  If you want a representative to be present with you, you must ask prior to or during the meeting.  The meeting should end with that request until you have a representative. Protect yourself by asking for a representative.  You do not have to go it alone.  We are in this together to advocate for each other and protect our rights. 


We reached a settlement without further legal action as the District acknowledged our rights, agreed to train administrators with regards to those rights and to communicate those rights to all.  An administrator may not discourage you from involving YCTA nor from participating in YCTA protected activities nor may they retaliate against you for doing so.


You will be asked to sign that you have received a copy of the settlement and joint communication.  I have attached both of them to this email.  I encourage you to save these documents for future reference.  We will be reprinting cards with your Weingarten Rights on them as well as my contact info.


In addition to our rights known as Weingarten Rights, the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA)  establishes our right to join and participate in the activities of our union for the purpose of representation on all matters of employer-employee relations.  You administrator cannot discourage nor retaliate against you for participation in conduct protected by EERA. 


That protected conduct includes wearing YCTA buttons and YCTA shirts while on campus, posting YCTA signs in your car, assembling together before or after contract hours or during our duty-free lunch, carrying signs or even speaking at board meetings, distributing informational flyers to parents or members of the community, and other lawful union related activities.  The District may not retaliate against you for your participation.  To do so would violate the EERA and constitute an Unfair Practice Charge.  We will vigorously protect all YCTA members from retaliation.  Beyond legal action, our greatest protection is in our numbers.  WE ARE ALL YCTA.  Let’s keep acting that way.  You can check out some of our protected activities on the YCTA Facebook page.


See you Thursday at YCHS MP Room at 3:45 PM for a ALL CALL YCTA General Membership Meeting.  Be at this meeting to get the word and details of our next action.


See you soon, Dina