YCTA Update New legislation and Rep Council

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:16 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:29 PM ]

Have you elected your site rep yet?  The first Rep Council meeting is MONDAY AUGUST 27 at 3:45 PM.  The meeting adjourns by 5:15 PM.

Are you considering a leadership role in YCTA?  The FRSCC is sponsoring a local emerging leaders training Dec. 6 here in YC.  A sub will be provided to allow you to attend this training.  This training has also been offered in Reno preceding the Region 2  Leadership Conference. This year the Region 2 Leadership Conference is Oct. 5-7 in Reno.  If you are interested in stepped up to serve our membership and are interested in either of these trainings please let me know.

Have you hear the buzz around teacher evaluations?  Do we have an effective system of evalaution that leads to quality feedback and professional growth for all teachers?  There has been lots of chatter blaming teachers and calling for changes in evaluation?

The latest and GOOD NEWS comes in the form of a bill currently in the CA Senate. This bill represents real progress to address evaluation to serve instruction.  AB 5 intially introduced by Assemblyman Fuentes has been amended.  CTA legislative analysts, such as Patricia Rucker a former Elk Grove teacher and amazing advocate, have worked with the maker of this bill to address CTA concerns regarding the legislation.  The amendments include a mandate for multiple measures of teacher effectiveness that go beyond test scores, administrator calibration that would require that administrators demonstrate consistent evaluations, and finally that the system is locally bargained. 

Please consider calling our State Senator Doug La Malfa at (916) 651-4004. Tell him you want an effective evaluation system that considers multiple measures to assess the effectiveness of teachers and provides useful feedback to allow us to grow as professionals.  We want administrators who are consistent and fair in their evaluation of teachers, becuase they have been trained and calibrated. I have attached two documents from CTA regarding this legislation.  Below you will find a message from CTA President Dean Vogel.  CTA is working on our behalf to assure that the vocie of educators are heard in our State Capitol.

Thank you for all you do,

From Dean Vogel, CTA President.

Assembly Bill 5 by Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes of Los Angeles requires the implementation of a comprehensive teacher evaluation system in all school districts by July 1, 2014 that is based on best practices and multiple measures to strengthen the knowledge and skills of teachers to improve student learning. It moves beyond the approach of just using test scores to define educational success.


As you know, the State Council of Education unanimously approved a new CTA Teacher Evaluation Framework at our June meeting. AB 5 is consistent with that Framework and CTA policy, and provides us an opportunity to be proactive in the teacher evaluation debate and in leading our profession.


Final amendments to this bill moved very quickly this week. CTA worked with Assemblyman Fuentes, and after discussing the bill with members of the Teacher Evaluation and Academic Freedom Committee moved to a support position. The bill was voted out of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday and now moves to the full legislature. AB 5 is rigorous, but it’s fair and focuses on improved teaching and learning.


 AB 5 requires that the evaluation process be collectively bargained at the local level to consider educator and student needs in that community, requires multiple measures of teacher effectiveness, mandates the use of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession to ensure consistent standards and practices, provides training and calibration for administrators/evaluators in conducting fair and standards-based evaluations, and provides for parent and community input.

AB 5 Fact Sheet

AB 5 Talking Points