YCTA Did you miss the meeting?

posted Jun 1, 2012, 7:50 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:28 PM ]

Thank you to all our members who came out to hear from YCTA, vote to ratify the tentative agreement (TA), and provide us direction for the future.    If you want to get through this fast - read the colored text.  For the detail oriented read the whole thing.

If you missed the opportunity to hear it directly or provide your input. 
Here is a synopsis of what you missed.

The TA we ratified reflects the agreements we have been able to reach after fourteen months.  The package included:

  1. Article 15: Vacations.  This applies to 12 month teachers at the Children's Center.  Previously their vacation time was at the discretion of the District, now they may request vacation dates and the District will make reasonable attempts to accommodate their request.
  2. Article 24: Teacher Safety.  The District shall cover some expenses for criminal acts against a unit member as related to the scope of employment.  And if a unit member is physically threatened or assaulted, the District will file written report with law enforcement.  This addresses threats and allows the victim to say it was not my decision to reduce fear of further threats. And opened ABI discipline window.
  3. Article 37: Calendar.  The Calendar Committee has been replaced with a provision for negotiation of the work year.  You can expect that just as we did this year, site reps will be asking for your input on calendar to bring back that info to a Rep Council meeting for discussion.
  4. The Calendar and Pre-Service Days.  The calendar is attached. The work year for YCTA (except psychologists) shall be 183 days with 180 student days and 3 additional pre-service days.  Two of those days are Mon., August 13 and Tues., August 14 with no more than seven hours of admin time and the remaining 7+ hours in classroom prep time.  The third day is a floating day to be served during the week before (8/6 - 8/10) or Dec 21 or Jan 11.  You will need to sign in.  (Still working on the secondary counselor work year to be extended at least five days)
  5. Article 19: PAR.  These changes were implemented this year and will continue. 
  6. Appendix C.  Activities Director (ASB) and Athletic Directors have been added to each site with an associated stipend.
The ratification of this TA is the culmination of many, many hours of dedication by our Bargaining Team.   Still working on the work year for secondary counselors at Gray, AK, RVHS, and YCHS, AASE for autism, and Transitional Kindergarten.  Side letters may be finished in the next week.

MUCH REMAINS ON THE TABLE.  Our team will return to the table in August or perhaps Sept.  They need your support and lots of it.

We are not likely to get any further without the support and involvement of our membership.

We need to get 75% of our members involved in YCTA.  We are the UNION.  The UNION is not someone else; it is each of us standing together. 

Our members who gathered together this week responded on orange response forms (DID YOU?)  that they are ready to accept the challenge to get 75% of members involved.  We will be asking all of you again in in AUGUST.  This is one of those time you need to ask yourself what am I willing to do?

How can we get you involved?  What do you want us to do?  We take our direction from members. 

Do you sometimes disagree with a position of our UNION.  Please get involved and be a part of this process that listens and respects the viewpoints of our members.  Come contribute your ideas that we might reflect our collective best.

The YCTA Executive Board and YCTA Organizing Team will meet several times this summer to begin the planning process.  Watch for summer emails and snail mail.

Feel free to stay in touch with us during the summer months.

We will be in touch.  I will be at most of the summer board meetings.  I will also be at the National Education Association Representative Assembly in Washington, DC in July and CTA State Council in LA in June.

Please know that I believe in our work and our collective efforts to support one another in our work.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with all of you.

BTW - still got at least one more email to get out about
benefits.  We are working on it.

Stay in touch, Dina