Welcome Back. Some good news and updates

posted Apr 16, 2012, 8:03 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:14 PM ]

I hope you are rested and rejuvenated as we enter the final stretch that will include STAR testing.  Let's enjoy our work with students - ours is an awe inspiring profession filled with promises.

We reached a settlement to resolve the lay-off - the outcome is much better than we could have expected if we did not stand together to exercise our legal rights.  We have some good news, though we were not able to assure the return of all of our members.

  • Seven of our members were reclassified as prob 2 or prob 1.  This was the best news to deliver to seven people who have endured many years of uncertainty. 
  • 30 notices were rescinded.
  • 27 notices were not rescinded but they were assured of return rights.
I appreciate the efforts of our members who filed requests for hearing and met with me on multiple occasions.  Standing together makes us stronger and I thank them for the effort it takes to continue to support one another.  I am sorry that we could not get job rights for all of them.  Unfortunately, the remaining temporary allocation is within legal limits, though it includes many more than we would like - we need to advocate for a change in Ed Code.

CTA stood with us once again as CTA provides our legal counsel for lay-offs.  Beth Curtis, our CTA GLS attorney, is a terrific asset for our members.  Beth Curtis has represented our unit in each of the four lay-offs and will represent us in the arbitration of the grievance regarding the District's unilateral change to advancement on the salary schedule.  This is just one example of our dues dollars at work to protect our members.

Many of our members in temporary status will be rehired by their principals before the end of the school year.  Principals have been asked to identify the assignments for all those returning next year.  This process will allow the District to identify the vacancies, rescind additional lay-off notices, and then rehire temps as soon as possible.  Your principal should be communicating your assignment for next year this week, unless you are at the high school level. 

Please be assured that the
YCUSD budget includes approximately $5 MILLION in the ending fund balance that is completely undesignated and $5 MILLION to cover the potential cuts if the Governor's proposed tax initiative does not pass in the November election.  (These amounts are in excess of the reserve for economic uncertainty and other designations in the ending fund balance.)  At this point the Board has only been asked to consider one cut in personnel numbers - a reduction of 8-11 to increase class size at grades K-3.  This reduction is offset by retirements and attrition.

Governor Brown's January budget included approximately status quo funding for K-12 public education - ONLY IF THE GOVERNOR'S PROPOSED TAX INITIATIVE PASSES IN NOVEMBER. 
Our District has already allocated for the worst case scenario - anticipating the budget cut if the tax initiative does not pass.

The next Rep Council meeting is April 23.  I thank you for your ocntinued support of our collective efforts.  Together we are a powerful influence.   Have a good week.

Thank you, Dina