YCTA: Order your new YCTA Blue Shirts Show We are YCTA

posted Apr 8, 2013, 3:37 PM by Yuba City Teachers Association   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 6:14 PM ]

Hello YCTA,

Have you ordered your new YCTA Blue Shirt?  YCTA is ordering new BLUE shirts.  Please be sure to get your order turned in before we leave for spring break.  Your Site Rep or Mobilizing Team member will contact you.  An order form is also attached.   Show "We are YCTA:  United to Ask the District to Value Us, Respect Us. and Negotiate with Us." by wearing your blue shirt can acting with us.

Did you read the First Issue of bright blue Crisis Flier?  Another issue will be delivered to sites tomorrow.  Watch for the next installment about board action, preps, and negotiations.  The Crisis Team will send out a flier at least once a week in the same bright blue color.  Use these fliers to stay informed and to talk to each other as we plan our next steps.  These fliers will be archived on YCTA.net under the Crisis Tab.

Have you liked YCTA on facebook yet?  We will use facebook as another vehicle for communication.

Have you gotten an email from YCTAinfo@gmail.com on your non-school email?  If not, you will need to provide us with your non-school email address to get these communications.

Did you read the white insert in the YCTA Unifier?  The insert addressed various legal actions that have been necessary to protect our rights.

Have you talked to other members about our collective concerns?  Face-to-Face Communication is the best means of building our unity.    We need to talk to each other.  Have you seen the two fliers distributed at the meeting on 3/11? (You can find them on YCTA.net) Did you hear about the next steps we may be taking together?  Talk to someone who was there.

Watch for more info from YCTA.  Stay actively involved. 
In Unity, Dina


We are YCTA.
United to Ask the District to Value Us, Respect Us. and Negotiate with Us.

Dina Luetgens

YCTA President

United as Professionals

Yuba City Teachers Association,
Apr 8, 2013, 3:37 PM