Tonight(9/24) at 5:20 PM

posted Sep 24, 2013, 11:24 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association
Hello YCTA

Once again,
YCTA members are standing before the Board tonight to tell their personal stories.  They will share their stories as representatives of 700 YCTA members.  Perhaps once again you can stand with them as they speak on behalf of all of us asking that the District Value Us, Respect Us and Negotiate with Us.

Our Bargaining Team will meet with the District this Thursday.  Please save the date -
MONDAY afternoon for a General Membership meeting.  We may bring the outcome of bargaining in person that afternoon.  We appreciate your flexibility as we work towards a negotiated agreement that makes progress towards comparable salaries and other issues. We will send an email out Thursday night to give you a status update.  The continued support of YCTA members is showing our District and Board that we are UNITED and committed to comparable salaries that value and respect us.

If you have not seen the latest on, you should check out the powerpoint with accompanying music. 
Thank you to the continuing efforts of our amazing YCTA Crisis Team.  The team continues to bring us a BLUE flier every BLUE Thursday.  The team met yesterday with CTA Organizer Bobby Yates to continue planning and acting.

We are YCTA.  United to ask the District to Value Us, Respect Us and Negotiate with Us.

Thank you, Dina