Special Board meeting Tuesday 5/21 at 5PM - YCUSD developing budget

posted May 21, 2013, 7:37 AM by Yuba City Teachers Association

Hello YCTA,

The “May Revise” has been released.  The Governor proposes a budget in January and then revises it in May.  Our state budget depends in large part upon personal income tax so the revenue picture is more clear after the April 15 tax deadline.   The legislature will then pass a budget at some point thereafter.   School districts will pass their budgets by July 1.


The economy is improving for California.  Tax revenues are up and our Governor has demonstrated a commitment to public education.  There will be more money for schools next year.  How will our District allocate those dollars?  What will be the priorities?


Tomorrow (5/21) night at 5PM the YCUSD Board has scheduled a special session.  They will meet in closed session to “give direction to Agency Negotiator Jonathan Barth regarding negotiations with Yuba City Teachers Association,…” and then open study session to “review initial stages of budget development as presented by staff and provide direction as appropriate, in consideration of the Governor’s budget.”  I quote from the posted agenda.


I provide this information just in case you are interested in attending.  I will be there.  However, it may be hard to gauge when they will convene the open session.  You may join me if you have an interest in the budget development for YCUSD.  I will report to you after the meeting any key details. 


Stay in touch, Dina